About Me

I'm a software engineer, cyber security researcher, GitHub Arctic Code Vault contributor and drone pilot based in Spain. I'm working in R+D+I in the field of cybersecurity to provide government entities, private companies and critical infrastructures with solutions to protect themselves against cyber attacks.

Contact Details

Mario Prieto Sanlés
Vigo (Pontevedra) 36203, España
+34 674342450


Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Computer Engineering 2020

Stanford University · Online

Machine Learning (Computer Science) 2020

Aula Estudio

Higher Technician in Multi-platform Applications Development 2018-2020



CyberSecurity R+D+I October 2020 - Present

As R+D+I I work in the search for new techniques in the defense of critical infrastructure, government entities and private companies. We develop software for our product which analyzes USB devices to prevent the introduction of malicious software, physical attacks and power surges

Indra Sistemas

Business Intelligence Consultant December 2019 - April 2020

Internship as a Business Intelligence consultant, in partnership with the University of La Coruña. I had been assigned key intelligence report projects working on both dimensional and tabular data bases for International costumers such us INDITEX and Sociedad Textil Lonia (Carolina Herrera and Purificación García).



Web App April 2021 - Present

Web application developed with frameworks such as Express.js Bootstrap and connected to key-value databases. Hosted on a personal server configured 100% by me and managed by me. With this tool you can shorten any kind of URL.


Android Devices October 2020 - Present

BioPassword is a mobile application to keep track of our passwords on the network. With this application the user can forget those long and convoluted but very secure passwords. This way you can have them organized and stored in an encrypted database on your own phone. This application uses one of the most powerful existing encryption methods, this ensures that they will be safe and can only be read by the user's biometric access.


Mobile Devices | Web December 2019 - Present

TheOpenInventory is a mobile application intended mainly for professional use, although it can be perfectly used by a common user. This application provides a service to keep organized all our inventory and to keep track of it. Scan, Explore and Optimize your warehouse with TheOpenInventory.


I'm a person who is completely in love with his work, I am constantly learning and innovating development techniques and in that way day by day I become much more efficient and productive. If there is a problem, I love to be there to solve it.

  • JavaScript +5 years
  • Java +4 years
  • Android +4 years
  • SQL +5 years
  • Python +2 years
  • C# +2 years

Github Artic Code Vault


Open Source

As a developer, I have programmed an Open Source mobile application for small businesses to implement in their day to day agile inventory control from their phone. TheOpenInventory is an application programmed in its first version for mobile devices in which the user can create a virtual inventory and with the help of the camera of your phone can scan products and thus keep track of them. This application is an Open Source project with the intention that any entrepreneur or home user can use it for free, in addition, other programmers can modify the project to add new features.